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"Helping customers into and out of the backcountry.  We handle llama strings and transportation for you."

Game pack-outs

Front Range LLamas offers game pack-outs in Colorado.


For game pack-outs, we charge a fee of $600 (elk), and $400 (deer). In addition to the fee, we charge $1.60/mile for travel expenses from Pine, CO, to your destination only.  


Depending on schedules we can assist with downed game animals or gear that needs to be packed in or out.

Camp porter services provided.  If you like additional comforts transported into the backcountry or maybe you would like help packing camp and other bulk into or out of the backcountry, porter services might be preferable.  Plan and book our services to ease your burden.  Our animals are trained to carry 80lb loads.

Drop Camps

We also offer drop camps in Colorado. Drop camp pricing is $1,500.00 for the first person and $250 for each additional person. Our price includes gear drop-off and gear pick-up on predetermined dates (plus the $ 1.60-mile travel fee from Pine Colorado).  FRL will load up the llamas, and pack-in camp to a chosen location with our gear, including a canvas tent (Snowtrekker WRTL edition), camp table, 2 coolers, 2 chairs, lantern, cookware, cooking stove, wood burning stove, water filter, 2 cots, axe, shovel, and bucket. We will also pack in 1 gallon of drinkable water for each guest. You just need food, clothing, and a sleeping bag to fully enjoy the great outdoors! If you need more time, please tack on $150.00 per day. All the creature comforts of home are ready for you to enjoy the backcountry! ​Drop camps are great for anyone wanting to haul more gear into the backcountry, without the need to care for llamas during your trip. If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail us or give us a call with as many details as possible (dates, number of parties, the weight of gear, etc.).    

      * Please note, drop-camps/game pack-outs depend on the # of available packers and our schedules.

Contact us as early as possible to reserve dates*

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