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Llama stud services

Front Range LLamas gathered stud llamas from across the US that embody sought-after traits for the classic cara line of llamas.  We currently have eight studs we are breeding into our herd for 2024 and have space available for outside breedings.

Prepare your female(s) for transport to our ranch in Pine, Colorado:

  • Ensure that your female(s) is/are healthy (not skinny or overweight – both can make successful breeding difficult).

  • Obtain a vet health inspection (if they are traveling out of state).

  • Run a fecal test to check for parasites (we don’t want our studs getting sick).

  • Trim her feet and groom her properly

Pay the non-refundable $250 deposit:

  • The $250 deposit will cover the cost (hay/water) and time required to care for your female(s) while they are at our ranch for 1-2 months.

  • The remaining balance will be due once the cria is born alive and well. (if the stud fee is $1250, your $250 deposit will go towards that fee. So you will owe the remaining $1000 once the cria is born alive and well).

Bring your female(s) to our ranch:

  • Your female(s) will stay at our ranch (located just outside Denver, Colorado) for 30-60 days. We will attempt to breed them and ensure they are pregnant during this time.

  • The longer they can stay at our ranch, the better their chances of getting pregnant and having a successful birth.

Take your female(s) home:

  • After we are confident that your female(s) have been successfully bred, they will return to you.

  • You pay the stud feed once the cria is born. The stud fee is paid when you receive the registration paperwork from Front Range LLamas.

  • If the cria is stillborn, has health issues, or the female doesn’t give birth, you do not pay the remaining balance of the stud fee. We can attempt to breed the female(s) again; however, you must pay the $250 non-refundable deposit again to cover the feed cost and our time.

  • We aren’t allowing any of our studs to leave the ranch, so you will have to bring your females to our ranch. 

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Meet the Team

Satisfaction Guarantee

If your llama does not produce a healthy cria we ask you to try again.  We will ask for another $250.00 non-refundable deposit for feed and care while your llama is at our ranch for one to two months.

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