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Guided day hikes and over nights


Day Hikes

Front Range Llamas offers guided day hikes in the Pikes Peak National Forest, Rocky Mountain National Park, and Arapaho National Forests.  These hikes are typically four to eight miles long and last about four hours on average.

Overall experience to expect

We offer a unique experience where we transport llamas to a predetermined trailhead adding to our guests' day hike experience.  Your guide will have local knowledge of the trail system.  Llamas offer a fun experience to the hike, providing an opportunity for guests to lead animals.  Your guide is knowledgeable on Ccara llamas and the area, so they will take the opportunity to teach guests the history and other details related to llamas and trail systems. Guests seem to have their favorite llamas by the end of each hike.  Each has its own unique name even!  Our guests provide feedback llama day hikes are the most memorable activity of their holiday/vacation.


What to expect day treks

We use the llamas to pack in lunch, drinks, chairs, and other misc. gear so guests don’t need to carry the burden.   Our goal will be to hike into a spot for a break, chair time, short hikes around, or other desires of our gests.  Typical trip times are four hours unless otherwise noted.  Additional details are listed in the alltrails links provided.


Day hike rates


1 person: $400

2 people: $275 per person

3 people: $250 per person

4-5 people: $225 per person

6 or more people: $200 per person

What to expect on multi day treks

Our overnight llama trips start with a meeting at a trailhead where we plan to kick off our journey.  Your guide will have llamas ready to go and packed by the time guests arrive.  Once guests arrive, we will pack all guest's gear into our llamas panniers and acquaint everyone with the llamas for the trip.  Guests will either take a llama lead or follow others.  Before our trip, specialists will work with clients on trail choices and pre-determined camp locations.  Along our way, we can stop as often as we would like, after all this is vacation…

Guides will set up client tents, a kitchen, a campfire pit, and other.  If guests are eager to help, we can divide camp chores; it just depends on what our clients want.

Overnight trip rates, price is per day


1 person: $500

2 people: $400 per person

3 people: $375 per person

4 or more people: $350 per person

Some of our prefered hikes in Colorado

Arapaho National Forests



Rocky Mountain National Park and Indian Peaks Wilderness

South of RMNP -

Indian Peaks Wilderness -

Indian Peaks Wilderness -


Pikes Peak National Forest

Multi-day -

All day -

Multi-day -

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