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Getting your gear into and out of remote places




• All tack and equipment included*
• 2 Llama minimum
• 2 Day minimum
• Orientation required before the first lease
• Call or email for a reservation

  • I would prefer an e-mail follow-up as I may not respond timely to voicemails.  TXT me if you want a quick response.



Steps to Rent Llamas

Step 1 - Give us a call or email requesting a reservation

Step 2 - We will answer any questions that you have regarding llama rentals.  We will assist with any trip planning we can, with our focus and expertise being llamas.

Step 3 - Each person signs waivers for those renting llamas. We will then send you a proposed invoice, information packet, and waiver forms via email once you have committed to specific dates, rates, and terms. To reserve your dates, we require a non-refundable 50% deposit.

       *If life happens we will try to work with you on applying a non-refundable deposit to a future trip.

Step 4 - We will schedule a date/time with you to have your own private llama-101 clinic where we will teach you how to become confident packing with llamas. This lasts 2-3 hours so please plan accordingly. We can do this months, days, or weeks in advance or simply the day of or the day before your departure date. 

Step 5 - You are on your way. Enjoy your adventure with llamas in tow.

*Each llama comes with a halter, lead rope, stake-out stake and stake-out lead, llama cookies, water bucket, saddle, panniers, and scale.

For first-time clients only

 First-time clients (one fee per group) must pay a $100 one-time fee and attend a 2-3 hour training orientation to learn the basics of llama packing. You can complete this training before your llama pickup or when you pick up your llamas for your trip.  Please allow 2-3 hours for this training.

  • Before a planned trip, we are happy to expose new llama trekkers to real-world llamas.  I don't want to scare away clients, but renters need confidence when packing with llamas.  You should know within an hour or two of practicing at our ranch.  You don't want your first exposure to be the morning of your big trip.  I recommend renting llamas for a day or two for a short spring or summer trip before your big trip.

If you completed this training in the past through us or another reputable packer, we will waive this requirement.


Additional options for rent,

Stock trailer for transporting llamas to your destination

  • We rent stock trailers to clients with their llama rentals for $70.00 daily.  These trailers are suitable for up to six llamas.

  • If you have a short trip (50 miles from Pine, Colorado) and have a full-sized pickup truck, you can use a stock rack that fits into the bed of a truck.  The cost here is $40.00 per day.  Stock racks can haul as many as four llamas.

Canvas tents

  • We have Divide series tents, specifically the Mountain Den model.  The daily rental for this tent is $75.00 per day.


Forms to be filled our before renting llamas

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